Sunday, June 20, 2010

When you have a friend

The best thing about having a friend is they are always there for you.
Even when you don't know it.
My FRIEND Rosa, who I have never met, in person, is the
type of friend you want on your side when little things
go wrong.
Like you can't get your blog working.
She and Gilbert took over and made it all better.
Even put a picture of Charlie and I on there.
So, ladies and gentlemen, I here by give you my
new blog
Frummie's World.
Thank you my FRIEND, you are the best.


  1. Great new look, Frummie! i love it.
    Have you thought of putting a short post on the old blog saying "blog has moved, has new name" ... etc., and provide a clickable link? That way all of your previous 'followers' can find you again. If you need help, just give a holler.
    Love the look... it's cheery and fun; just like you!

  2. I agree!! Rosa is WONDERFUL! Like both your blogs.

  3. Which blog are you posting to now? I saw your old one too and became follower there, but I guess you don't postb that often in a year LOL! Looks great Rosa and Frummie!