Friday, July 2, 2010


Three blocks are done now, only a gazillion
left to do...LOL!

I am glad I re-did the two I had done in CW Fabric.
Really love the Dimples by Gail Kessler forAndover F

I will try and upload the 3 pictures of the finished
blocks...I am having trouble, what else is new.

UPDATE: Pictures got uploaded!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My First Dear Jane Block..... Again

Here I go again...
I don't know how this happened, but I know Rosa had something to do with it...she always does, pushy broad that she is...LOL!

I tried to make M-9 Fan Dance Block with the paper piecing technique, but, I am so dyslexic, I just sat there and cried.

Elly, one of the BUDETTES put out a tutorial on strip piecing, 1, 2, 3 it was together. I was going to call this quilt "Dimples", but in my rush to make it, I made the block in Civil War fabric, the quilt needs a new name, the block is too perfect to replace. IMHO.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Praise of Windham Fabrics

I received a package in the mail today that took my breathe away.

On our travels up to NY in May and June, I stopped in an adorable little shop in NJ, called Cozy Quilt Shoppe. I purchased a few things, one of them being a five inch roll of 30's fabric. They were the nicest people. I noticed a HUGE pin cushion behind the counter, I admired it and asked for the pattern. She said it was a model from last year and gave it to me.

I am wandering or rambling...this post is about Windham Fabrics.

When I came home I opened the five inch roll and was a little piffed there were 5 pieces that were totally unusable. Very cute, but too large a print. I might order yardage for the back of the quilt. The prints were so the large the heads or feet were missing.

I called Windham and spoke with Laura, the Quilting Merchandise Manager, very sweet lady. She told me she would mail me 5 fat quarters. Well, in today's mail was a very heavy package of 54 FQ's. They were of their Feed Sack collection.
I am now doing a Happy Dance without Happy.

Oh, and the lovely card was hand made. What a day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Charlie and his quilt, with his buddy Happy.

For the past 2 days Charlie has been cutting strips with my new AccuQuilt Go, and sewing them together.

While making my Honeycomb quilt, I had to buy 1/4 yard WOF strips of fabric. I only used an 8 X 11 inch piece, which I then printed diamonds on with INKLINGO.

I had 33 inches left of all the Civil War Fabric. I would venture to say that I had at least 100 different fabric. Lots of strips for Charlie.

When he was done, we realized how dark and dreary it was. I am going to cut it off center and insert a 12 to 16 inch muslin strip with appliqued flowers of the brighter CW fabrics and drab green leaves and vines.

So today, we are going to drop Happy, our Mini Schnauzer off for grooming, and then go to the quilt shop for drab green.

Camera should be charged by the time we get home.

See ya later

Sunday, June 20, 2010

When you have a friend

The best thing about having a friend is they are always there for you.
Even when you don't know it.
My FRIEND Rosa, who I have never met, in person, is the
type of friend you want on your side when little things
go wrong.
Like you can't get your blog working.
She and Gilbert took over and made it all better.
Even put a picture of Charlie and I on there.
So, ladies and gentlemen, I here by give you my
new blog
Frummie's World.
Thank you my FRIEND, you are the best.

Saturday, June 19, 2010