Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Praise of Windham Fabrics

I received a package in the mail today that took my breathe away.

On our travels up to NY in May and June, I stopped in an adorable little shop in NJ, called Cozy Quilt Shoppe. I purchased a few things, one of them being a five inch roll of 30's fabric. They were the nicest people. I noticed a HUGE pin cushion behind the counter, I admired it and asked for the pattern. She said it was a model from last year and gave it to me.

I am wandering or rambling...this post is about Windham Fabrics.

When I came home I opened the five inch roll and was a little piffed there were 5 pieces that were totally unusable. Very cute, but too large a print. I might order yardage for the back of the quilt. The prints were so the large the heads or feet were missing.

I called Windham and spoke with Laura, the Quilting Merchandise Manager, very sweet lady. She told me she would mail me 5 fat quarters. Well, in today's mail was a very heavy package of 54 FQ's. They were of their Feed Sack collection.
I am now doing a Happy Dance without Happy.

Oh, and the lovely card was hand made. What a day.


  1. 54 fat quarters is a third of what you'd need to make a Dear Jane!... and NO, not a Baby Jane, either!


  2. WOWZER... you hit the Bonanza Jackpot! Happy Dancin' for ya. Really pretty fabrics, too.