Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Charlie and his quilt, with his buddy Happy.

For the past 2 days Charlie has been cutting strips with my new AccuQuilt Go, and sewing them together.

While making my Honeycomb quilt, I had to buy 1/4 yard WOF strips of fabric. I only used an 8 X 11 inch piece, which I then printed diamonds on with INKLINGO.

I had 33 inches left of all the Civil War Fabric. I would venture to say that I had at least 100 different fabric. Lots of strips for Charlie.

When he was done, we realized how dark and dreary it was. I am going to cut it off center and insert a 12 to 16 inch muslin strip with appliqued flowers of the brighter CW fabrics and drab green leaves and vines.

So today, we are going to drop Happy, our Mini Schnauzer off for grooming, and then go to the quilt shop for drab green.

Camera should be charged by the time we get home.

See ya later


  1. Can't wait to see his creation!!!!



  2. Sounds wunnerful, Frummie. Looking forward to the picture.